Eyebrow Cushion Palette


This AMAZING liquid eyebrow cushion palette is a game changer! Our innovative designed palette is perfect for creating the ideal Arch that gives the WOAH factor! Loaded with Vitamin C to promote hair growth and a complex formula that allows you to build your brow without smudging that lasts all day! It comes in four shades for all skin tones and hair colours! This really is a makeup must have!

5 reviews for Eyebrow Cushion Palette

  1. Sasha K

    Love this eyebrow Palette so easy to use and gives the perfect Arch

  2. Alana Smyth

    Great Palette for creating a thicker and fuller brow!

  3. Ellenor small

    Tried this as a change to my usual brow kit and so glad I did it’s so handy to use and works great in between tints xx

  4. Paige craven

    Same as iconic but nearly half the price.

  5. Samia gates

    Great liquid eyebrow palette

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