Hello my lovelies and welcome to Be Fabulous Cosmetics.  My name is Paula McIvor and I founded Be Fabulous Cosmetics from a real passion for quality makeup and a flawless dewy look. 

It’s my belief that a girl’s skin is her first port of call in creating the perfect look and to truly look ‘Fabulous’ My passion for Cosmetics began in my early teens and has continued right through to today.  It’s my belief that a lady can have fabulously stunning skin at any age.  I love all my products but I’m particularly proud of my Be Fabulous liquid Matt foundation.  I wear ‘Warm Natural’ every day!

In my late teens I was lucky to work as a model in London with many top Makeup Artists and learnt my first proper secret in skin care! SPF! Since then, I have worn SPF50 every day and wear a hat in the sun! (Usually with a rose or two) All our Foundations have SPF for extra skin protection along with skin nourishing ingredients.  I feel full confidence that my skin is protected all day!

Check out a few other favorites of mine too! No gal is complete without the perfect Arch! Our liquid duo eyebrow palette cushion creates the perfect arch and I go nowhere without mine in the darkest shade for the extra woah factor! That and a nude lip gloss and I’m ready for the world!

So, my lovelies enjoy my range of make-up products! Stay posted for our latest products coming to market soon and Be Fabulous Cosmetics exciting journey! Xxxx

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